Graphics Card help How to disable 1 gpu for a certain game?

Alright so here is my Problem.... I am a twitch streamer so to reduce the load on my PC's Cpu aswell as the GPU i popped in a GTX 750 SC just to handle the obs encoding. The problem is that games like Forza Horizon 3 are running off of my GTX 750SC instead of my Main GPU R9 380. So i want to disable the GTX 750 SC for Forza Horizon 3. Also i have my gtx 750sc in PCIe Express 2.0 X16 and my R9 380 in PCIe Express 3.0 X16 and rest of my games run perfectly and use the R9 380. My Motherboard : Asus M5A97 R2.0 CPU: Fx 6300 and Ram: 8gb DDR3 1866mhz
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  1. You have monitors connected to both?
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  2. Rogue Leader said:
    You have monitors connected to both?

    I have main monitor as well as the secondary monitor connected to the R9 380
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    If both monitors are connected to the R9 380 then all your games are only using that GPU. They cannot run through the GTX 750 and then output on the R9 380. Unless your complaint is the games straight up aren't running/outputting.
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