Gtx 1060 6gb Gaming X, Drawing Low TDP, Gpu % Usage Drops. Help!

Hello everyone, i've been struggling to find out what exactly is causing this annoying issue.
I play Black Desert Online, the games stutters a lot, when i check the temps, cpu, everything you might ask, i see everything is cool and quiet, i noticed monitoring with MSI Afterburner, that in-game, the GPU only reach 55% of TDP, and GPU Usage 75 Max, 51% Avg.
When the game stutters, the Usage and TDP drops almost to zero, so does the Voltage and Clock Speed.
What's really intriguing about this is that this does't happen when i run a Benchmark, there the GPU reach 75%+ of TDP, and 80-95% of GPU usage, and a constant FPS.
Another thing is that, sometimes when i boot, i can only see one stick of RAM, and the other slot shows Empty, when i proceed to windows, i check CPU-Z and it shows 8GB, but the Task Manager only displays 4GB.
I've been running like this, and it seems like for some reason, is like one of the Ram's seems to work partially, but when i did a memory test booting with an ISO, it didn't show any Errors either!
I un-plug'd and plug'd again the sticks and it works, it does show 8GB in the BIOS, perfect. Now the issue is, when i use windows with no Pagefile, and i open the game, it quickly runs out of RAM, and what i saw in task manager and power managment, was that there was always like 3GB of Free Ram, and the system couldn't use it, it's like i had 5GB or something. Everything runs fine when i DO USE Pagefile, BUT! I noticed that it does display that the amount of Free RAM i have is very low, and what raises is the Pagefile usage/size. Here are my questions, and after you read them, i will leave my System Specs below.
Could a faulty RAM stick behave like this?
Could it make the GPU downclock/cause Stuttering?
Is 430W 80 Plus enough for the system?
Does unicorns exist??!!

System Specs:
- CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 OC'd to 3700 Ghz (1.325v)
- Motherboard: Asrock B350-M
-RAM: 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400Mhz
-Graphics: MSI GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X
-SSD: Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB
-PSU: EVGA 430W 80 Plus Bronze
-S.O: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

Thanks in advance, any idea could help!:pt1cable:
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  1. That PSU would scare me personally in that build. What are the individual CPU core usage while fps drops are happening?
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  2. None of the cores reaches 80% of usage, the overall usage is 20% and only a few cores are working above 50% , when the fps drop happens, it does lower the CPU overall usage by a tiny amount, 25% to 15-20%
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  3. Take the OC off your CPU and see if it works better. Perhaps disable smt in bios as well. This should lower power used, which might help confirm if it's a PSU issue.
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  4. I actually did that, and it didn't fix anything
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  5. Max performance power plan in Windows?

    Most recent bios?

    Tried ocing your ram (ryzen loves faster ram)

    Used MSI afterburner to oc your gpu?
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  6. Yes, yes, yes and yup. Look this is while gaming and...
    And this is while benchmarking .... The Voltage and such, does oscillate a bit, but the FPS remains the same.
    I tried downclocking the card to its lowest too, didn't fix the stuttering either, i actually tried so many things you could come by, i'm here because i have no other ideas. Could it be the PSU, a faulty ram stick, maybe even the Mobo, i don't know x-x
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  7. If I were going to just start throwing stuff at it. The psu would be my first try as it's boarderline at best. Beyond that I'm not sure if I'd look at the board GPU next. Probably the GPU as it's the part actually having the issue
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  8. I will try to test the system with a more powerful PSU, thanks for the help, i will be posting updates here as soon as i have an answer
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