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Just wanted to know when overclocking from scratch, is it best to just start with the core and then the memory, once I've reached the limit on core alone? And when is the correct time to increase the other sliders etc?

My MSI GTX 1080 it seems from default when benching Heaven @ 1920x1080 doesn't like 110 on core, so do I increase memory at this point, or do I increase core voltage to compensate?

Many thanks!
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  1. Assuming you're just referring to OC'ing your GPU (not CPU), yeah, you can start with clock and find stability, then start cranking memory. You should be fine to start at +150 on clock and +500 on memory though and see what gains you get (just watch temps, and create a custom fan curve to help with cooling). After that you can start working your clock up by +10 at a time but don't expect to go a whole lot further. I've never seen one reach +200 successfully. You may see more FPS gain from the memory OC anyway.
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  2. I haven't seen much gains from memory OC ever, maybe 1-2% max. Core on the other hand is much larger, up to 10%. Running Unigine Valley/Heaven/Superposition and checking for artifacts/lockups is what I do to check for stability etc. As a quickie. After that, I game for a couple hours/days. If something goes wrong, back off the clock 10-20 Mhz. Usually stable at that point.
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  3. Hi,

    Many thanks but as I've already stated, at +110 on Core Clock alone, during Heaven 4.0 at 1920 x 1080 the driver crashes and recovers, a LOT!

    Is this Heaven or have I been REALLY unlucky in the Silicon lottery?!

    I haven't touched core voltage or memory clock as yet!? I'm a bit annoyed that at just 110 only on the core and nothing else touched, I can't get to the end of a Heaven bench test!?

    I haven't ever created a custom fan curve, bit clueless as to how tbh and as such, fans in Afterburner are always left on Auto!?

    I did have the following settings-:

    85 Core Voltage

    100 Core Clock

    495 mem clock

    And was getting a score of 3190 on Heaven at 1920 x 1080, is that a good score?!

    However, upon trying Crysis 3 on max everything at same resolution, I play for maybe 25/30 mins before a crash back the d/top and Origin!

    After now being told a start at +150 on Core and 500 on mem from the get go should be fine, I think that confirms the fact that my card is a very poor example of the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X Plus!
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  4. Expect that you have to raise voltage any time you OC. At least on the core.
    I don't know if Nvidia still locks voltage at a low level. 760-series were crap for raising voltage. Stock was around 1.17v and max was 1.18 unless you got this one unicorn card that cost 200 dollars more or something.
    In other words, those cards didn't HAVE a voltage regulator.
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  5. Just max the voltage limit slider. That may be causing your clock issue.
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  6. Again, thanks!

    I'll try later and increase core voltage as I have been doing with core clock in increments of 25mhz and see where that gets me!?

    But as per the above post, if I SHOULD be able to start at 110mhz core and 500mhz without Increasing core voltage, then I feel I have a lemon!? And as a friend pointed out, if it benches at factory settings, which it does, the RMA route is not an option either as technically there's nothing wrong with it!?

    I want to cry lol!
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  7. Honestly I always just slide the voltage limit bar to max before even starting with +100 & +500, so I'm not sure if leaving at stock voltage will produce normal stability.
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  8. Hi,

    So EVERYTHING is maxed core voltage, power limit and temp limit!

    Initially all was going well, or so I thought!? At 110mhz on core clock I got a score of 3041 in Heaven, dropping to 3038 at 115mhz? I've since tried 120mhz and driver crashes to then recover saying min fps 5.1!

    Thing is, even going back to either 115 or 110 I still get the same thing happening which makes me believe I got a lemon, as some of the reviews I've seen state a boost of 2000mhz should not be too difficult?! With my card it seems an impossibility lol!?

    I am at a loss guys, I think my highest stable core clock is 100mhz if not less, despite core voltage being set to maximum!?

    I'd very much appreciate any other ideas you may Have?

    Many thanks!
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  9. Where are you actually watching your real time clock speed? You're probably over 2000. It will reflect the actual clock speed of your gpu in afterburner while running these tests.
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  10. Hi,

    I have on OSD in Afterburner GPU Temp, MEM in mb at 1200 approx and mhz at 5623, thats all regarding GPU showing in OSD?

    How do I monitor real time clocks? And if it possibly helps, how do I set up a fan curve please?

    Many thanks!
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  11. In MSI AB, go to settings. Under Monitoring, click GPU core clock, tick Show in OSD.
    Fan curve is right next to Monitor. Enable user defined...
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  12. Hi,

    Set custom fan curve to be slightly more aggressive! Boosting in Heaven between 2025 and 2012?! Core is happiest at exactly 100mhz too which I won't deny perplexed me, given reviews I've seen of this card!?

    I do very much appreciate all the advice/info you've all provided me with!

    Just gonna keep increasing mem now! But it's been an eye opener lol!

    Should I keep benching Heaven or try maybe intensive fps such as Crysis 3!?

    Again, many thanks!
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  13. Just curious? Are you allowed to mention the name of where you bought hardware from, or does that go against forum general rules?

    Many thanks!
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  14. edifice said:
    Just curious? Are you allowed to mention the name of where you bought hardware from, or does that go against forum general rules?

    Many thanks!

    Yes you can.
    Here is my question though. Why put an overclock that could possibly ruin a video card that you paid a big chunk of cash for.
    It already plays everything you throw at it at max settings
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  15. I wasn't of the impression the OC I was looking to place was potentially a card killer, given what I've seen in reviews!?

    I do take your point though! It's just all other cards I've had have been EVGA and the tiny 6gb 1060 SC was for it's diminutive size a BEAST for OC'ing! I'm talking 150 on the core and as high as 600 on the memory with no issues whatsoever!?

    I finished with a custom curve of 70, 110 Core and 500 memory and was getting 3150 in Heaven at 1080p. I think I'm going to as you say stop with the as high as possible OC and just have a small offset instead!

    Reason I asked about suppliers/sellers is that at the time I bought it, it was only, I say only compared to the now price of approx £598, £503, cheaper than the original MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X!? Despite the increase in RAM Speed?!

    I might be clutching at straws here but, is it possible the reason it WAS at the time as near as makes no difference 100 cheaper than it is now, perhaps to do with its seemingly poor core clock capability?! In other words, the "batch" my card came from was known to be poorer in some respects, hence the cheaper price?

    Just a thought! But I am I've decided as you say not going to chase a few more fps for the sake of a potential fried or short life card!

    It's just once started oc'ing is so Dan addictive lol!
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  16. Fried card? Does that even happen? You would need more voltage than the card can handle (like Nvidia wants that RMA amount, of course they restrict volt you can add) or let it run over temp limit for months. I don't know the TjMax for 1000-series but I'm sure it's not 60-70 C. Probably 85-90.

    I have a GTX 760 that I've used for 2 years, a brother used it for another 2 years. I BIOS-overclocked it pretty much day 1. 100 Mhz on core clock, card reaches 80 Celsius while gaming. It's back inside my PC, running just fine. I game on it while crypto-mining on an AMD card. 760 can run Elder Scrolls Online just fine.
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