Do Intel G41 Express chipset motherboard support more than 1gb graphics card?

hey guys, Today I went to get a GT1030 2gb for my pc which have Intel g41 express chipset motherboard but sales person told me that my motherboard can't support more than 1gb graphics card and suggested me to buy gt 610 as they didn't have 710 or 730 .. So please I need expert help here only to tell me do my motherboard support 2gb graphics card or not(please be sure because if I buy 2gb graphics card and it won't work I can't replace it) Thanks
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    The salesman does not know what he is saying. The memory amount on the video card does not matter, what does matter is if the card in general is compatible with the system. Newer video cards likely will need a newer BIOS and motherboard support than what yours can run. Nothing to do with the memory on the video card, just with the overall technology.

    GT 610 is a slow card, would be a waste to get. For a cheaper video card that should work, the GT 730 GDDR5 will be OK. For gaming, even on low settings, nothing slower will be any good. A Radeon 7750 should be OK also for a weaker power supply and low price.
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