Help me pick me a new cpu! Bottleneck (probably)

I have a gtx 750 ti, 4 gb ram and an Intel duos 2 cpu.
So basically I get about 80 fps on high settings csgo, team fortress 2 about 60 (No idea why.) and so on. I think I should be getting more out of this graphics card! Maybe possibly the cpu is bottlenecking the gpu? So I started thinking of getting a new cpu.

I need your help, computer masterminds on what cpu I should get? My motherboard: GA-G31M-ES2L

I aprecciate your help a ton, thanks!!! :)
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    First things first is update your bios to the latest on from gigabyte, the best cpu for your board is the Core™ 2 Quad Q9650 ebay has them between 40-70$
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