Ryzen 1600 and MSI mortar b350 won't post

Alright guys help me out here. I've been dealing with getting this system running for months now with no luck.

Getting a cpu debug light when I go to run a post check before installing the system in the case. I first RMAd the motherboard to MSI who said it worked fine on their bench and sent it back. Ok fine. RMAd the cpu and still nothing. Memory and graphics all checked out on a separate test system.

So what gives? Every other build i've done this same way works fine, maybe RMA one part. I've never encountered a system that simply refuses to post after this many RMAs
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  1. The board might need a BIOS update for supporting the 1600. It would have been good to ask for an update when RMA-ed the board.
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  2. I did request the bios update when it went in for RMA as that was what MSI said the problem probably was
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