Conflict between rx 560 and rx 570 drivers

Hello everyone!

I have 3 rx R570 (msi) and 1 rx 560 (sapphire) graphics card connected on a B250 MSI motherboard.
All the graphics card are up to date with the last AMD driver 17.7.1

The problem is I get an 43 error on the rx 560 card for the driver : "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems." in the Device Manager of Windows10
The rx 560 is working well alone, so It seems to be a conflict with the drivers and the other rx 570 cards.

Does anyone have any idea to make work together rx 560 and rx 570 gpu ?

Thank a lot in advance for your help

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  1. What is your power supply brand and model? What is you swap the card slots around, is the error message always on the 560 card?
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  2. Thank you for your reply. The power supplies are 2 Corsair CX600 of 600W each. Yes the problem is only with the 560, the other are fine. We just noticed that the 560 is not working alone neither. We are investigating a possible conflict in between the last driver we install on the 560 and the bios signature. We think the 560 has been bios mod before and maybe we need a patch.
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  3. It's working! The problem was the new Crimson drivers are not working on a car that has been bios modded before. So we just flashed back the original bios on it and voila! PS: if you want to use a bios modded card you can follow this tutorial. With a special driver without the bios signature check and a patch you will make it work.
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    Driver _17.4.3_ does not check for signature on Rx 5xx cards (but still does on Rx 4xx not modded to Rx 5xx bios !!!).
    Tested with Rx 480 modded to 580 + optimized settings.

    Driver _17.4.3_ is also the last one not having the Rx 560 in the supported list.
    So for Rx 560 modded bios you have to use 17.4.4 + atikmdag patcher :
    Tested with Rx 560 modded to optimized 560 settings.

    Not tested with last 17.7.2 driver, but it seams Rx 580 signature is disable and Rx 560 signature is enable in this last driver.

    Best regards,

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