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Hi, Im currently switching out motherbkards, and im almost done for the most psrt, save for this one 4 pin connector from the PSU, with multiple other ports coming from the wire that each have 4 insert thingies into it, which i have no idea where to place. I dont have my psu manual anymore so Im kind of stumped. Any helps appreciated, thank you.
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  1. Can you post a picture, or the make/model of the PSU?
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  2. Scottray said:
    Can you post a picture, or the make/model of the PSU?

    Its kind of low quality, sorry my phone camera isnt that good.

    The PSU Is a CX500
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    Perfect! Those are Molex connectors. They provide 5 and 12VDC for peripherals. It used to be used for disk drives and case fans, for example. They're not used that much any more. Most likely, you weren't using them. Just bundle it together with a zip tie and stuff it in the bottom of the PC case.
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