trying to build a gaming pc need help

I have been trying to switch from console to pc, and I really need help because I have no experience In building a good pc Im willing to spend up to 2-3k$ as long as it runs everything. what specifications should I keep in mind when I'm building this pc?
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    Hi Moe!
    I also made the switch from console to PC gaming, but a few years ago. Sometimes computers can be a bit of extra work, but well worth it! Anyways, there are two main ways of getting a gaming pc going. Get all the individual parts on your own initiative, and put it all together yourself or with help from friends and forums, or get a premade system. For someone getting into PC gaming and the tech side of PCs in general, I would recommend the latter option for a few reasons: Generally the parts in these pre assembled deals are selected because they work well together, not just in terms of compatibility, but the specs will all be appropriate for each other more or less, avoiding serious bottlenecking or waste. Sometimes you can find amazing machines built this way available for about $1000 give or take that will last a while, and be upgradable when needed. Most of all though, is pre built machines are usually tested before leaving the assembly line. This is big. This assures not only compatibility, but that none of your components were dead at the time of shipment, which is more common than many of us pc gamers want to admit. While I've only made a few gaming computers, my experiences with each method of designing and acquiring a gaming pc have taught me to appreciate the testing after configuration nature of many pre built machines. You can get a good idea of what something like that might cost over at newegg or cyberpower, or any number of other places that sells pre configured units. Anything of the current generation will do excellently, especially if you go big on the graphics card. There are advantages to a fully custom build too, but when the budget is there, there is something to be said for it being tested before it's sent out. Just my personal opinion.
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