Gaming Laptop Maximum Cpu Temp: 87 degrees celcius. Average: 75 Celcius. An External Keyboard Sits Over The Internal One

Hi, I bought and eluktronics high performance laptop that I use for, Counter Strike, Playerunkowns and more. Its specs are, a Nvidia Gtx 1060. Intel 7th gen 7700 2.8 ghz, and has 16 gb of ram. I also use an external keyboard which sits on top the laptop keys. Could that be causing the problem? Please help me.
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    No, not really. You can test it by simply placing the keyboard on the table. It seems the laptop simply runs hot. I guess the cooling system is not really that good to cool the CPU and GPU. You can try a laptop cooling pad. It's not guaranteed to improve temps though because it depends on if there are vents underneath the laptop and how the air flows within the laptop which is based on how the internals of the laptop is designed.

    Generally speaking, a cooling pad could lower temps by 3c to 7c, but that is not always the case. For example, a cooling pad does not change the internal temps of my Dell Latitude 3540 (with a Radeon HD 8850m) , but that same cooling pad does cool my Dell Inspiron 7559 (with a GTX 960m) by about 6c.
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