SSD upgrade worth it?

I have a Kingston V300 120GB on my main PC as system drive for 4 years now (one of the first "fast" parts, 400-500MB/s read write). Recently I moved to the intel platform with a new H270 motherboard which supports M.2 drives for boot as well.
Is it worth it in real life, every day situations to upgrade to a newer, faster SSD, be it SATA or M.2? Maybe the difference will be insignificant and not worth the purchase of a new drive?
I was considering 240GB+ drives. Currently I only have W10 and a few applications installed on the SSD. Game installation drive is an 7200rpm WD 1TB.
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    There are 2 reasons for you to consider upgrading

    1. Speed
    2. Capacity

    If you go to a SATA drive you're going from 400-ish to 500-ish. That is a 25% improve that is significant, but not in my opinion compelling alone. Going to a NVMe would up that %age.

    Capacity would allow you to put more than the bare minimum on the drive. Particularly games of course.

    So, overall. Yes it would be worth upgrading but only if you go larger. Which I'm sure you would be doing. It makes zero sense to upgrade to newer 120GB drive.
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