Disk Running at 99% when playing games, may be causing all my stuttering?

So recently games such as, Arma 3, Rust, and DayZ have been stuttering more then usual. DayZ and Arma used to have the occasional stutter in large cities or around large explosions and things like that. And in Rust I never experienced stuttering.
Now recently all these games have been stuttering, Rust being the worst. Rust Stutters whenever I walk any short distance, look around, zoom in. Arma and Dayz Stutter whenever I zoom in or shoot. The stutters usually last only a second, but give me a huge disadvantage in game. I've never really looked at my disk usage too much, but when I opened up task manager to close rust after it was freezing up alot I saw it was at 99-100%.
I would love to fix this because its been really annoying lately, thanks.

GTX 970
Intel I5 - 4690K
8gb Ram
WB Blue: 1 TB 64mbs HDD
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    Sounds like your graphics card is caching to your hdd? how much graphics RAM is on your 970? 2GB? 4GB?

    Or you have somethihng running in the background eating your disk like background virus scan (some bugged avast updates can send that program into spazz mode and kill your cpu/disk by scanning everything continuosly, so all antivirus programs can do the same).

    Youre playing in high/ultra detail? generally most games take 3gb at 1080p on very high settings, and if youre using the same card to power your desktop ... well you know whats gonna happen. first the vram overflow tries to cache to your system ram, and if thats full, its going to try your pagefile.

    So solution if you have the 2GB 970: readyboost. readyboost sits between your system ram and the pagefile, and the vram will prioritise readyboost space. Im sure you got a spare 4GB-16GB usb/sd card laying around, the fastest possible solution is to whack it in, turn on readyboost and start up your games.
    If readyboost isnt helping, then you have a program running in the background whilst youre playing? check task manager, open the resource monitor and see what program(s) are using your disk activity ... kill the unwanted program.
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  2. Is it possible you have insufficient system RAM to cache the current entire level of the game you are playing?

    Borrow another pair of 4 GB sticks from someone, and retest!

    (Additionally, frequently no one wants to hear that the days of the non-hyperthreaded i5 might have already peaked and gone , and that the processor is now often struggling to keep up in some newer games....)
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