PSU not powerful enough?

Hi. My name's petru, and I would like some opinions from you guys. I have built a system and after a few minutes it turns down and does not even let me turn it back on, I think it may be the PSU. The specs are: fx 8350 , MSI 970 motherboard, gtx 770 4gb ram, 8gb DDR 3 2100mhz, and the PSU is corsair 350. I think it has only 350 watts.. Do you guys think I should upgrade the PSU? At first I thought it's from the ram memory cuz I had 2 different ones.
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    The 770 card has a TDP of 230 watts your CPU is 125 watts.
    That is 355 watts just for then then you can add about 60 more for the rest of the PC.
    At the least you should have a good quality 550 Watt PSU.
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  2. I second Zerk, you should get a decent ( tier 1 or tier 2) PSU with at least 550-600W .
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  3. Thank you very much for your opinions. I will get one tomorrow. Cheers.
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