Laptop GPU "weird" clocks

I noticed by looking at desktop gpus that each and every one of them has higher memory clock than core clock for example 1200/1700 while my laptop has 1015/900 stock. My card is Radeon R9 m375 4gb. Also the nvidia laptop gpus have the same - higher memory than core clock. So my question is should i overclock my memory speed so it is higher? Should i overclock to 1015/1100 or this wont give any result? Or why is my gpu different than other ones?
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  1. I can't say for sure on your laptop, but I know a lot of them have lesser video cards or the heat/lack of airflow in them causes them to be clocked lower than there desktop counterparts.

    As for your question... Technically to can OC most laptops but I don't recommend it. You typically don't have the capacity to dissipate the heat in a laptop and you will see some serious temp spikes...

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