AMD Ryzen 7 1700 + Asus Z170-DELUXE

Does this CPU and motherboard fit?
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  1. That is an Intel motherboard designed for Skylake CPUs. You need AM4 socket motherboards for Ryzen CPUs.
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    Ryzen is made by AMD and the Z170 board is for intel chips. This will not work on every conceivable level.

    Each CPU has a "socket" type, a specific number of pins (or metal contacts) in a specific configuration and thus for all of those electrical contacts/pins to connect and alllow the CPU to work it has to be matched to a motherboard with the exact same socket.

    In your case for a Ryzen CPU that is a socket AM4 motherboard which would currently be the B350 and X370.
    B350 is cheaper and for most is sufficient, but X370 has more slots for more add-on cards and GPUs, and typically more connection ports as well.
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  3. yep. Z170 is for intel and will not work in any way with any AMD CPU
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