Does this CPU cooler fit in this case?

CASE - Corsair Carbide 200R Black Midi Tower Gaming Case

COOLER - H5 Ultimate Single Tower Heatsink with 140mm Fan

MOTHERBOARD - Gigabyte - GA-B250M-DS3H Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
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    As far as the cooler height and the case clearance is concerned, yes, it does (but you have to adjust the fan mounting position).

    From Corsair website ( "Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 165mm"

    From Cryorig website ( Dimension (with fan): L110.9 x W143 x H160 ~ 168.3mm (Fan position adjustable)

    Problem is, when you lower the fan height, the RAM clearance below it would also decrease. Chances are, you might only be able to install 2 RAM sticks (at the 2nd slot and the 4th slot), as the fan would highly likely obstruct the RAM at the 1st slot - unless you can get low-profile RAMs below 30mm in height (those without heat spreaders).
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  2. Thank you so much, very informative and useful (first time building a pc :D)
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