PC turns on with fans and lights but no signal through monitor and mouse lights up but keyboard doesn't

So I have a gaming pc that I built 2-21/2 years ago that worked perfectly fine. About 2 weeks ago I turned on my PC only to find that the fans and lights worked but no signal to monitor and the mouse would light up but keyboard didn't (Keep in mind I bought a PSU off Amazon not too long ago because the one with the case died on me around 3 months ago). I reset the BIOS by taking out the battery on the mobo and placing it back again after 5 min and that worked perfectly. Yesterday the same problem persisted and I reset the BIOS and it worked again. Today the same problem happened again and now when I try to reset the BIOS it doesn't fix. I believe this problem occurred when I shutted down my PC, because when I put it to sleep mode and turn it on it works fine (I also usually leave my PC on sleep mode whenever I get off). I don't do any overclocking besides my GPU which is already overclocked in the box. Also, whenever I try to turn off my PC using the power buttons, it won't, so I have to unplug the PSU power cord out for it to turn off. If anyone could help fix this problem it would be GREATLY appreciated. Here are my PC SPECS:

-Asus GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB (OC EDITION)
-AMD FX 8320 CPU
-16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM (2x8GB)
-Sentey 725w PSU
- MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard
-CM Storm Devastator Keyboard and Mouse Combo
- Logitech G430 headset

I forgot to mention I tried replacing the battery with another one and it still no luck sadly :(
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    Never mind I fixed it!!! I found out that I was running the PSU on 230 instead of 115 THE WHOLE TIME LMAO... hopefully no problem happens again, although if it does I will be sure to update my info. (I also left out the battery for about 1 hr and used the new one as well)
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