Gigabyte gtx 1050ti Compatible with my motherboard?

Hello everyone
I haven't figured the question to this problem after long time searching in the web so is this graphics card ( gtx 1050ti ) compatible with my motherboard and pc?
My pc specs:
CPU: I3 4150T 3.00GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Memory: DDR3 4GB
MotherBoard: AsusTek Computer Inc. M52AD_M12AD
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  1. It looks like certain versions of that prebuilt PC come with a graphics card, so my guess would be that yes, the 1050 should work
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  2. Hey, unfortunately i had already purchased the graphics card so i guess i will just try to put it and see if it works
    thank you for the fast answer it makes me more positive about the situation
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  3. Best answer
    Solution: it actually was compatible with my pc thx for god
    I had to buy a 20$ hdmi to vga converter and it is all good now thx for the help
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