CPU fan randomly runs at full speed without any load (about 2 seconds)

I replaced my G3900 with a G4560 yesterday and everything looks normal except CPU fan speed. it randomly runs at full speed without any load (for about 2 seconds) and then runs normal for about 1 to 2 minutes (it doesn't have a regular pattern). will be thankful for any proper solution.

Mobo: gigabyte p110-d3 (Bios version is F22a)
Cpu: pentium G4560
Ram: kigston hyperx fury 4GB 2400 ddr4 (only 1 stick)
Psu: corsair vs550
OS: windows 10 pro 64bit
and not sure but if it can help: I use G3900 stock fan for G4560 because I bought G4560 without any fan or box (as tray)
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    Check the temperatures (I like Intel XTU because graphs can be configured). The cooler probably is the same because the 3W TDP difference is meaningless. What and how much thermal paste did you apply?
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