I was wondering if my build is good for 1080p gaming and if the parts work with each other

The parts would be:
-nzxt s340 case
-corsair vs650w psu
-msi 1050 ti gaming x gpu
-i5 7600 cpu
-asus b150m pro gaming motherboard
-any seagate 1tb hard drives
-8 gb ram ddr4 2400 (any brand)
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  1. Motherboard get b250.
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    Short answer? Yes. But here's some advice for improvement.
    If you want, you can get the K (unlocked) series i5 7600 (i5 7600K). I have it in my build and it's mostly good because you can overclock it. It will be as good as an i7 in clock speed and cores for less price. What's the catch? Less cache (hehe) and you have to spend money on a liquid cooler.
    Oh, and if you will overclock, get a better chipset (Z270 will be good, less than that is not as good for overclocking).
    In addition, with the current components, a better wattage PSU will be better, unless you intentionally want to fry your computer.
    Getting an SSD will be great as you will be able to boot faster. Remember: First priority is the operating system, then your favorite games but leave some headroom so the SSD won't run slower and by extension, you will decrease the advantage you are getting by purchasing an SSD. All of the other junk on the HDD.
    EVGA's GTX 1050Ti SC has 4 Gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM, which (I think) is better than the MSI 1050Ti. In addition, it has a better cooling system. If you wanna go crazy, the EVGA GTX 1050Ti SSC has 4 Gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM, a better clock speed than the SC and a much better cooling system.
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  3. Hey idanlol, thx for the reply, i would get a 6700k and a z270 mb but my budget is kinda small, and i don't have the need to overclock. Is the evga 1050 ti sc way better than the msi one? Because i prefer msi and it looks cooler. And should i get the 7600 or the 6600 does it make a huge difference?
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  4. If your budget is a bit tight you could go for the Amd ryzen 5 1600 and a 350 board

    It's a bit cheaper but will give you some more performance and a longer lifetime on pc
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  5. Sorry for the late response...
    If you don't need to overclock, you don't even need to get a Z270 Motherboard.
    The difference between the 7600 and the 6600 is pretty much non-existent for gaming as the computer will "eat" the resources of the GPU and RAM instead of the CPU, but you save a few bucks.
    The EVGA 1050Ti isn't drastically better than the MSI one in clock speeds and has the same amount of RAM. Although, the Active Colling System 3.0 (ACX 3.0) is much better than a heatsink with some fans attached. I am sure the MSI one won't overheat and fry itself, but I freak out when my CPU exceeds 45 degrees. So it's your choice: Sexy looking MSI or a cool (literally) EVGA.
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