Power supply and computer case compatibility

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    steve90991 said:

    The PSU you linked (Seasonic G-750) will fit in the case you linked (Deepcool Kendomen). The GTX 1060-6GB GPU will also fit inside the case, as the case has 310mm up to 400mm clearance:

    On the matter of the PSU's wattage, you won't need 750W for such typical setup (unless you are planning to SLI some GTX 1080's in the future). For a GTX 1060, even a 450W good-quality PSU is enough (with headroom already). Consider the Seasonic G-550 to lessen your costs as 550W is more than enough for a typical single GPU setup in this day and age. Alternative good-quality PSUs can be the Corsair RM550x and/or the EVGA SuperNova G2 550.
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