DDR4-3200 on AsRock AB350M Pro4

Recently bought parts for a build, with a Ryzen 5 1600, an AsRock AB350M Pro4, and ADATA (2x4gb) 3200mhz memory. I know that some Ryzen cpu's won't work with 3200mhz ram. After I built the pc, it wouldn't post, after 10 minutes. I am quite sure that i have plugged all the correct cables in. Does the 3200mhz ram affect my pc's ability to post?
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  1. The speed no as it should default to 2400 on first boot but you may have a bad stick. Try removing one and test. Then swap it out with the other and test again.
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  2. Try testing each stick separately in each slot, test with any good working sticks you may have and are known good working sticks. Meaning they work in other PC. if no change with either the new or old, then you have another issue to work out.
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  3. also make they are seated completely into the slots. They can look as if completely seated but can be slightly askew on one or both ends. Ensure the assisted seating clamps are completely locked in either the side of the RAM. What kind of ram are you using, how are the components put together, is it currently in a case or is it "breadboarded" aka not in a case and connected to the minimum to boot and post.

    If its in a case already try putting the components together without the case, if it works, then you know there is something in the case shorting out the board. If it still doesn't work follow the link in my previous post and see if that works
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