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There is a problem with SSD that is stuck in my mind for a couple of days. So i ve bought a new pc which is a detox v13 and it already has everything in it . The problem is that i want to add even my old ssd in it which is a samsung 850 evo and it has already installed windows 10 inside . So the new pc it has already an SSD which is a samsung 871 128gb plus i want to add my old SSD which is the samsung 850 evo . How should i do that in a better way ? Where should i install the os ? Where should i install my game ?
If i should install the os on the 871 should i transfer it from the 850 evo ?
Please help me I never had to put 2 Ssd and have such problems.
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    Disconnect all drives and connect SSD in first port. Install windows on it, ad other drive(s) later on.
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