Where to place drain valve in my water cooling loop? (image of the build is below)

Hey everyone! I am looking for a place to put a drain valve in my water cooling loop. I have a picture of the intended layout of the build in the Imgur link below. The blue lines are tubing, green circles are compression fittings, and the red things are 90-degree fittings. I am thinking of putting a splitter fitting coming out of the graphics card, and have one route be the drain and the other be to the reservoir. Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Your picture isn't working, but personally I would screw a y connector into the inlet or outlet of the pump, you want the drain valve at the lowest part of the loop.
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  2. as mentioned above, you want the drain port at the lowest point of your loop.
    for practical reasons, I wouldn't do it on the GPU. If the pump is too high, i'd make an extension to the front lower part of the case.
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