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Hello asking myself the past two weeks ''should I upgrade my gpu with a new one?'' Currently my PC Specs are I-57 6600k,8gigs of ram and a gtx 670 2G.I was wondering if it's worth to go for a gtx 1050ti 4G and leave my old 670.Just to be clear I play games like battlefield 1, Battlegrounds,Gta V, Overwatch and LOL.In many games including some from above my 670 had a problems like freezing for 3 seconds every few minutes and generally was lagging sometimes,probably it's VRam problem because 2g is not enough for some games.My budget at the moment is around 180 euros so can't go for a 1060.So guys what would u suggest me to do,is it really worth to go for it or I will not notice a difference ? (Have a 144hz monitor 1080p).
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    The gtx 670 sits between the 1050 and 1050ti. Though the 1050s are more optimized for dx12. Still not much of an upgrade. The RX 470 would give you more performance for about the same price.
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