Computer will boot and work normally but won't shutdown

I have just rebuilt my computer. All of the components are the same EXCEPT the case and PSU. For the PSU I went from a EVGA Supernova 750W B2 to a EVGA Supernova 650W P2.

Now to the problem. The computer will POST and boot fine. Everything works fine until I got to shut it down. When I go to shut it down the shutdown screen comes up then the screen goes blank like it usually does but the computer never powers off. And when I move the mouse or hit a key on the keyboard the logon screen comes up. It will turn off if I hold down the power button. I have checked task manager before shutting down. There are no applications running when I shut it down. I've run chkdsk /r. I've run SFC /scannow to check Windows integrity. That came back with no errors. I'm running Windows 10.

Like I said before the only components that have changed are the case and the PSU. Everything worked fine before the rebuild.

Edit: I am using the same number of hard drives and the same SATA ports on the motherboard but each hard drive isn't plugged into the same SATA port. For example before the rebuild, hard drive 1 may have been plugged into SATA port 0 but now it's plugged into SATA port 3, if that makes sense. I didn't think that would matter but I'm at a loss as to why this is happening.
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  1. Are you sure you are selecting shut down and not sleep... Because that is exactly what you describes.

    I saw a person have a similar problem but his PC lights would not turn off. Everything else did. Happened to be a grounding issue.
    Search the windows forums to see if it's a known bug.
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  2. Yes I'm selecting shut down. I've done it multiple times to be sure.

    When I "shut it down" the lights on the GPU and MOBO are still on the fans are still on and I can hear the hard drive spinning.
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