Acer Aspire X1430g Motherboard upgrade/replacement

Im looking to replacing my Acer Aspire x1430g motherboard with a different type/brand motherboard so i could use a Ryzen compatible board and just add things from there. Im trying to keep the case but just need a new motherboard i already got a few choices but their mostly intel compatible.

Board type: D1F-AD
Board size: 19.6 cm x 19.6 cm (maybe?)
case type is like stated an acer aspire x1430g type of case.
Link to overall pc specs it also shows the sape case there. please help me out with this.
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  1. If you want to build a Ryzen compatible system, then I would buy a bare PC case -ATX Mid-Tower.

    You present board appears to be ITX Form Factor.

    When you want to add things to your present case, I think you'll find they don't fit or have enough power. Adequate case cooling and wiring by an OEM company like Acer can also be a problem.
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