Old motherboard with new processor and videocard it is compatible?

is there a bad effect if i have old mother board like ECS mcp61m-m3(old motherboard) DDR3

and im planning to buy gtx 750ti or gt1030 this month

right now i have processor AMD Athlon II X2 255 but soon months later i will buy Amd Kaveri A8-7600 x4 Processor Socket Fm2 3.1ghz

is Amd Kaveri A8-7600 x4 Processor Socket Fm2 3.1ghz compatible to my mother board?

im budgeting my money,any bad effect to my pc? (sorry for bad english)
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    The Kaveri CPu is not compatible with your current motherbd as it uses socket FM2 and your motherbd has socket AM3. The Kaveri processor will not even fit.
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