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For some reason my FPS in Doom are really low, even though, my computer should be more than enough to play it on 60+ fps, no matter if i play on Low or Ultra Quality the fps are almost the same (30-40). I also noticed, that if i stay at one place for few seconds, and i dont move, the fps jump to 60, not any higher though, then if i move a bit, it drops to 40 again.
Other games like Witcher 3, or NieR Automata are running at 60fps, on high, ultra settings.
CPU Temperature: 56 °C
GPU Temperature: 73 °C
CPU : AMD FX-8320E
GPU : Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 4GB
RAM : 8 GB
Low Settings:
Ultra Settings:
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  1. Your CPU is actually below the minimum requirements for Doom. The minimum CPU for Doom is AMD 8320 and you have the 8320e. The "e" is a lower power chip than the 8320 and has a lower base clock. The other games are not as intensive on the CPU as Doom.

    Given the low temps on the CPU, you can try a mild overclock to boost performance. But if you have a stock cooler for the CPU you will not be able to overclock it very much.
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  2. Oh, and I feel that I would be remiss if I did not say this, but you should sell your 480 and buy a gtx 1080. Not because I am against AMD or anything, but with the mining craze you can sell your 480 for $400+ and you can buy a 1080 for around $500.
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  3. Don't use openGL in doom,it maxes out one core and results in bad performance,use vulkan this will use all of your cores and give you much better FPS.
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  4. Whenever i try to use Vulkan, the game crashes, and can't start again, any ideas how to fix it?
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  5. About the CPU, i've watched few reviews with the exact CPU and GPU and their fps was 60+, also the CPU isn't so bad to not make it 60 fps on minimum settings is it? There was also 1 guy who was getting 60+ fps (Ultra Settings) with 4,1 GHZ SixCore AMD CPU which i believe isn't any better than mine.
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  6. Ayzye111 said:
    Whenever i try to use Vulkan, the game crashes, and can't start again, any ideas how to fix it?

    Go to
    C:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base
    Find and edit the file DOOMConfig.cfg with notepad or any other editor you have,you might have to make windows show file extensions.
    Go to the very bottom of the file and add this:
    jobs_numthreads 6
    save the file and start up the game,it shouldn't crash anymore.
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  7. Still not working
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  8. Below is the CPU hierarchy from Tom's Hardware. The 8320e is 2 tiers below the 8320 (which is the minimum for this game). PC minimum requirements target 30fps just like consoles, this is why you are getting around 30-40fps. The reason you are getting above 30fps is because you have a good GPU (but I would still sell it).,4312.html

    The guy you know that has a 6 core chip is probably a Ryzen 1600x/1600 clocked at 4.1ghz, and it is a much better chip than than the 8320e. The number of cores does not matter. AMD's older lineup is not very good for gaming. But their new Ryzen lineup is excellent.
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  9. No even a celeron gets you 30FPS+

    Ayzye111 make sure all your cores are running at the same clocks (turbo off) since that can cause problems and keep trying for vulkan because that's the main problem for you.

    As soon as you get to the main menu where you select campin and the rest you can press the tile key ~ and the games console will open you can enter jobs_numthreads 6 there before the game starts.
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  10. No even a celeron gets you 30FPS+

    That is 720p on low settings.
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  11. The CPU isn't Ryzen, it's FX 6300 3,5 ghz overclocked to 4,1.

    About the Vulkan, i can't even start the game, when i change it from OpenGL to Vulkan the game needs to restart, except it can't start up again, then i need to change r_renderAPI to 0, in order to start the game, but that puts it back to OpenGL.
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