How does voltage variation affect internet speeds

I have a field office network that I support (a construction site trailer to be exact) that is currently running on generator power since they cannot pull a permanent power source to the trailer. A few users at this site have been complaining that downloads over internet are being very slow. One of my IT technicians went onsite, and noticed that the lights flicker from time to time, so I'm guessing that we have some variation in voltage. The site is using a Comcast provided modem, and a meraki MX 64W. I do plan to go out with a voltometer to test that. I have a few questions regarding the issue

1. Is this a legitimate assumption that variation in voltage could be the cause of the lack of reliability?

2. If so, can anyone give me an idea of what range of variation is acceptable/normal, so that when I test, I can know the severity of the issue?

3. Anyone have any reccomendations on how to get the voltage to the networking equipment stabilized? Would a good UPS do the trick?
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    It should not matter all the end equipment uses DC power and the power supplies in the equipment should be able to provide the proper dc voltage even if the ac voltage changes. If there were problems the modem/router would likely reboot or crash if it had a power issue it does not run slower.

    Generator power is not the best thing to run electronic equipment least construction generators. This is mostly a PC thing since those power supplies that are high efficiency have more issues. Some will shut down if they power gets too far out. This is why you see new more expensive generators that are designed to run electronics on that say they use inverters.

    A UPS may not work. It seems you need special ups to connect to a generator. I have attempted to connect various UPS I own to my generator and the UPS has massive issues. The UPS will attempt to switch to the generator but as the load goes to the generator the generator start to increase speed but it take a couple seconds during which time the voltage drops a bit so the UPS switches back to battery and the gernators drops back also. It just constantly attempts to cycle with the UPS and the generator fighting.
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