PC randomly crashes and restarts

Everything was fine until today. I turned my pc on and it booted fine. However after about 5 mins, it randomly crashed and restarted. Since then, this has been happening. It takes a while to boot to desktop ( sometimes crashes during startup and restarts). When it successfully boots to desktop, it again crashes ( about 1-10 mins randomly) only to start the process again.

I checked my cpu temperature in the bios and idle temp was around 35°C. It doesnt matter if u browse the internet, view pdf or let the computer sit idle, it has to crash.

It is a custom made pc with specs:

•Intel core i3 6100
•8GB single stick of 2133MHz ram
•MSI r7 370 4GB graphics card
•1 TB seagate hard drive 7200 RPM
•Silverstone sst-st50f-es-230 500w
power supply
•Gigabyte GA-H110M-H motherboard

I tried to reset the pc and do clean os install but the pc crashed again even when windows had started the process.

Any ideas what is going on and how to solve the issue?
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  1. Sounds like it is a memory problem. Since it is one stick of ram the only thing I can suggest is to put the stick in the other slot and see what happens. It would be ideal if you had another stick of ram to test it with though. Maybe a friend has one you can test it with?
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  2. Hmmm, I already tried changing the memory slot and it didnt work. I'll see if i can get another memory stick.
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  3. Have you tried to roll Windows back to an earlier checkpoint? It might work. Could be you downloaded something or went to some webpage that gave you gift.

    Or it could be a problem with the power supply. I'm still thinking memory though.
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    to me it sounds like a HDD issue. If you can't log into windows in either normal or safe mode and check with band specific tools you can download a linux live distro, either burn it in a dvd or make a bootable usb stick and run the command in terminal:
    smartctl --all /dev/sda -s on. Or remove your HDD, insert it in another pc and run a brand specific diagnostics tool there.
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