Hard Drive suddenly making loud spinning noise

So, I've had my PC for 5 months now and when I turned it on today I suddenly heard a loud spinning sound while my PC booted, I turned it off out of fear my hard drive (WD black 1tb) was failing and about to die, I then turned it on again and recorded the sound. I'm pretty sure it's the HDD as I doubt a single five month old fan, identical to the other two in my case could make that noise. I'm currently afraid to turn it on again in case it could die at any moment but there isn't any rhythmic clicking so it might be fine but I don't want to take any chances, any idea if my drive is fine or not? Here's the sound (you may want to increase the volume, and sorry for the potato quality)

UPDATE: I turned on my PC again and downloaded hard drive sentinel to see if there really is something wrong and after 15-20 seconds the loud spinning noise started getting quieter and quieter until it stopped after just a further 5 seconds, all that I could hear was the usual hard drive sound and the fans, I set up hd sentinel and it showed my drive was 100% healthy.
Now I'm really confused, has anyone heard of this apparently only happening at startup? Nothing of the sort happened in the last 5 months!
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  1. so I restarted my PC,
    no loud noises.
    I turned my PC off and on again,
    no loud noises.
    So in conclusion, my drive is perfectly fine but the initial really loud spinning noise remains a mystery for me. I'm relieved everything is fine but I would still like to hear any insight as to what it could've been, maybe the drive was doing something itself that it should normally do every few hundred start-ups or something?
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