Inno3D gtx 1060 6gb compact vs zotac gtx 1060 3gb amp edition

Which is better for gaming, inno3d gtx 1060 6gb compact or zotac gtx 1060 3gb amp edition?
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  1. The GTX 1060 6 GB will always be better than the 3 GB. It's got more processing power, so no matter the brand or model, the 6 GB version will be faster. Get the 6 GB once, it's a better performer.
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  2. I have a Zotac 1060 mini 6GB and it works great. Zotac is starting to pick up some steam and is very popular in Asia and showing up in the U.S. now more. I haven't personally dealt with Inno3D, but I have read that their customer service leaves something to be desired. But that is hearsay, I have never had to deal with them. But from personal experience, Zotac cards are good. And you might as well go ahead and get the 6GB version of it also. No need to compare a 6GB card to a 3GB card.
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