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I would just like to as if I should be worried with average temps or max temps. my CPU has a MAX Temp of 69C but has an average of 59C.. Should I be worried in that case, or bother ONLY when I have an average temp of 69C? Thanks!
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  1. Difficult to answer, without knowing your :

    A. CPU/MB (those temps would be normal for heavy load 7700K, for instance)
    B. Cooler/Sink (some heat sink/fan compbos do not perform as well as Noctua, etc)
    C. Ambient temps
    D. Load testing/stress causing the temps you mentioned (Prime 95 causes 72-73C quickly)
    E. Software used to measure your average/max temps
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  2. Oh, sorry.

    CPU/MB = AMD FX6300 OC'ed to 4.3 GHz / ASUS M5A78L-M LX (Yep a bit old lol)

    Cooler = Cooler Master Hyper 212X

    Ambient Temps ranging from 32 to 34C here

    I stress test it with OCCT.

    I use three software to measure em, HW Monitor, HWiNFO64 and MSI Afterburner.

    There, thanks :)
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  3. Be somewhat worried, the max temperature is normally quoted as 60C with 70C s the 'never exceed' point.
    With such a high ambient temperature I suggest you consider:
    Replacing the CPU cooler thermal paste with a premium formulation.
    Replacing the stock cooler fan with a stronger PWM fan.
    Lower the overclock.
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  4. Those would likely not be temps to be concerned with on FX processors during stress testing, frankly.....as long as it is not throttling, you should be good to go.....

    (YOu can compare cpu temps with others using the same cpu and testing methodology...)
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  5. 59C average is nothing....
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  6. Well just like my question, since 60 is the standard temperature for CPUs under load for a long time, I've been monitoring my temps using MSI Afterburner while playing, and most of the time it's on the 58 to 62C temperature, but sometimes, although not often, it spikes to 69C. It's just happens every once in a while so, is it okay or not?
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  7. Most software has a difficult time properly reading amd's fx cpu's. Try using amd overdrive and it will report the thermal headroom you have until the cpu reaches throttle temps. If it says 15c for instance, then there's 15c until thermal throttle. If it's reading 3c then there's only 3c left and so on. If it's at throttle it usually turns red and indicates with a 0 or negative number indicating how many degrees C it's running over throttle.
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