New pc build. No video output.

Hi all. I've decided to build my own computer. Man they make it look easy on YouTube! I'm working on my external build and I've run into a problem. It seems like it wants to boot, but then either one of two things happen:
The fan/lights come on, then the CPU led comes on, the fan quits, and then starts again. Then the CPU light goes out.
The CPU light doesn't come on. Instead the vga led does and it stays.

Either way I'm getting no video output whatsoever. Not vga or hdmi through the mobo, or graphics card I plan on installing.

I've looked through forums and many say it's bios. I've tried resetting that too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

CPU: ryzen 5 1400
Mobo: msi b350m pro-vdh
DDR4: corsair 2x 8gb(currently working with one)
Psu: corsair cx550
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  1. You didn't list your GPU? do you not have one? if not then that is your problem. the Ryzen 5 1400 doesn't have integrated graphics. you need a graphics card.

    I just re-read your post and you said "or graphics card I plan on installing" you make it sound like you don't and do have the GPU at the same time. I am a little confused now.

    Regardless, for any video output at all you need to have a GPU and plug an HDMI/DP/DVI cable into the card and then into the monitor/TV. If you don't get any video and the lights and fans keep acting weird come back here and report what's going on in full detail.
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  2. Sorry.
    GPU: EVGA gtx 1050
    Do I habe to have it installed too yet? I assumed since the mobo has a vga/hdmi port I wouldn't need it just to test for a bios screen. But even when I did install it and run the cable through it, no video still.
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    I updated my post with an edit. My point still stands though. Your CPU doesn't have integrated graphics therefore plugging a video cable into the motherboard will not render any video output. ALL video output must be done through the GPU directly.
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  4. You are my personal hero. Thanks!!!
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