overclocking Skylake, What chipset?

Which chipsets for 1151 Skylake enable overclocking. Sorry for the lack of research, but I have not been paying attention to processors for a couple of gens and I am on a timeline.
Edit: do you have an economical Motherboard suggestion? I am catching up on the latest generation to plan a budget build for a friend. I am looking for a motherboard with optical audio out, and would pair nicely with an i5-7600k. Other than that I think we are pretty flexible.

Thanks Guys
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  1. Any of the Z-series motherboards should allow overclocking.
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  2. OK, Do you by chance know if any of the H170 or 110s allow overclocking? I only ask because I know some of the cheaper chipsets, in the Haswell days allowed overclocking. Or what about the B series even?
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    Some H-series can, but if you want full overclocking capability go with the Z-series.
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