I broke my laptop hard drive?

I know this sounds really silly, but I was playing a multiplayer game and when something pissed me off so badly, I punched my laptop keyboard so hard (the laptop build/casing is pretty durable) that it may have messed the hard drive pretty badly. After I punched it so hard, Windows 7 froze and so did everything else, though that cursor was still moving. I wasn't able to to anything really, so I force it to shut down and when I booted it up again, the laptop booted up showing the Lenovo logo on screen but then after that it disappeared and made a few beeps from the motherboard. Later on, I booted into bios and it was fine. Then I tried to boot through USB and install windows 7 again from there but it doesn't work (stuck at setup is starting). The beeping did stop but there is really nothing to do since the hard drive isn't now really working. My laptop detects the hard drive but the hard drive just doesn't function. Does anybody know a fix for this? I don't have money in my wallet to invest for a new hard drive.
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    First, you need to learn to control that temper.

    Second, get ready to spring for a new hard drive. You undoubtedly caused a head crash which caused irreparable damage to the drive. If any of the data is irreplaceable, and not backed up, get ready to spend even more to have the drive looked at by a data recovery service. It's also entirely possible that you damaged the SATA port on the motherboard, which will cost considerably more than just a drive alone (think new motherboard).

    There are no easy, or inexpensive fixes here.
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  2. It really all depends on how much that you pissed off your laptop. If it's really upset it will want more parts replaced after the HDD.

    Consider an SSD and a military grade laptop in the future -- they are way more rugged and can take a punch better than their civilian counterparts.
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  3. I suggest Destruction by Proxy.

    Once the laptop is fixed or replaced, then you buy an external keyboard, mouse, monitor.
    Use those, and have the laptop out of easy arms reach.

    All easily replaced from your next rage induced hardware beatdown.
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