Unsure Weather Able to Upgrade Dell Optiplex 7010 Small Form Factor, Help :/

Ihttp:// own a dell optiplex with an i5-3330s processor, 8GB DDR3 and a MSI GTX 970 4GB with a basic 042p49 motherboard supporting ivy bridge chipset and I was looking to possibly upgrade to 16GB or ram and an i7-3770 or 3770k, however im unsure weather these would be compatable with the base dell system. Help :/

Thanks in advance
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  1. Can you upload pictures of your GTX 970 inside your small form factor case?
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    I would think an i7-3770 would be compatible, but Dell made the motherboard so I would ask them. You should be able to add another 8GB of ram if you have an open slot, just be sure to get the same speed so it will be easier to run in dual-channel.

    What kind of power supply do you have?
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