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I keep getting somewhat low fps and fps drops in game and the speed of my computer in general is not as fast as other people with the same pc [spec] as me.

I just upgraded the processor to the i7 from and i3 two days ago and was expecting a huge difference in overall speed but not too too much of a difference.

-gtx 1060 3gb
-1tb hard drive
-8gb ddr3 ram
-550w evga gs 80+gold power supply

Im thinking that it is either my hard drive or ram because when i am getting slow performace my disk and memory are sometimes at 100% mostley my disk tho. Im thinking about completely wiping my hard drive like my friend did and he said it made his computer alot faster.
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    If the memory is @ 100%, it's filling up the RAM and paging out to the hard disk/swap file. Hard disks are much slower at random access than flash memory, so it would easily be pushed to 100% usage in such a scenario.

    What are you running that's gobbling up RAM? If you leave a lot of background tasks and/or browser tabs open, then open a game, it is easy enough to max out 8 GB. With games like BF4, GTAV, or Mass Effect and some background tabs and other stuff open, my system will use 70-80% of my 16 GB.

    A couple suggestions for such a scenario:
    -Try closing as much background stuff as possible before launching a game. See if this helps.
    -Add an additional 8 GB of RAM.
    -Add a SSD for the system's C drive. This will speed up Windows and program loads time, as well as the system as a whole any time it has to reach out to the page file. You can put apps and games that you frequently run on the SSD as well, depending on what size you end up with. I'd suggest at least a 256 GB.
    -A Windows reinstall would be necessary if you go the SSD route, and would probably help out speed anyhow if you choose not to. I find that my Windows 10 systems aren't as bad after years of usage as Win7 or XP were, but they probably still slow down with bloat and time.
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