Is this normal temperature for i7 7700k 5ghz?

Hi everyone,

This is my first oc, so I got the chip to 5ghz with 1.325v. I'm running aida64 (stress CPU only) for about an hour now, and I have attached the temperature in the link.

- Idle 44-50c with spikes up to 60

Aida64 1 hour:

- Core #1-3 around 79-82c
- Core #4 and CPU package around 85-86c sometimes would spike between 89-98 maybe three times so far, but most of the time they are between 85-86c.

Are these normal temperatures for 5ghz? I really want to lower the voltage down a little more. Thank you!


i7 7700k - 5ghz
Corsair 110i GT (I only have two original thumbscrews and diy the other two for the CPU mount. I ordered the replacements). Running quiet mode at ~1000rpm for both fans
MSI Seahawk X gtx1080
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  1. I'm probably not qualified to speak on this, but from what I've heard, the 7700k does run quite hot, and Intel's offical solution is to stop overclocking it so high (no, really). So, yeah, I'd say that sounds kinda normal.
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    What are your ambient temperatures?
    Also,what are your overclock settings (adaptive, offset, turbo mode etc) and windows power plan.
    I'm asking because your idle temps seem a bit high.
    I'm running 1.305 vcore @5GHz with a H105 cooler and my idle temps are practicaly room temperature (25-35).
    The fact that one of your cores has quite a bit higher max temp usualy means that you haven't seated the heatsink properly, too much paste is on some spot or (less likely) that the core is slightly meh.
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  3. Mid 80s with a stress test is well below within acceptable ranges for that CPU.
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