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Currently I have a 275gb crucial MX300 and a 1tb 7200 hdd.

My CPU is a i7 7700 and my motherboard an asrock b250m pro4.

I have previously asked here, and the majority of people told me it was a waste of money changing the MX300 for a 960 evo.

What about getting one of those optane things? Will I see a performance increase?
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  1. Unlikely. Optane won't really make a difference in speed since it's essentially just a cache. A SATA SSD's read access speed is fast enough to not really even notice a difference.

    I can tell a slight difference between a laptop that has a SLOW SATA SSD (Sandisk X400) and a fast NVMe PCIE SSD (Samsung), but it's a very small difference in day-to-day usability. The difference is mostly there in writes, but it's not comparing apples to apples either. I think it's just a crappy SSD.
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    Max current optane size is 32gb.
    It is intended to be used as a cache for your HDD.
    For that, I think not much worth it.
    32gb is not likely to be large enough to hold most of what you use.
    They are not all that expensive so you could try it and see.

    What I think WOULD be of benefit is to change our your 300gb ssd for a 1tb ssd and put the contents of your 1tb hard drive on it.
    A conventional 1tb Samsung 850 evo is in the $350 range.

    For 5x faster sequential speeds, you could go for the 960 evo m.2 device, about $475

    The free Samsung ssd migration tool makes moving a C drive trivial.
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  3. In its current form Optane is best suited for people that have an HDD but do not have an SSD in their system. Right now the biggest advantage to Optane is in the enterprise sector.

    Intel is also going to be releasing Optane in an SSD and PCIe formats, and supposedly they will be available in up to 1.5Tb capacities.

    I believe that the PCIe variants will be the ones that will make the biggest difference to mainstream and HEDT markets. Imagine having a 500Gb to 1Tb cache that is as fast as DDRAM and is non-volatile, that can learn to cache your most used programs and data files. It would be like have all that extra memory as RAM.

    I like the future of Optane but I do not like where it is today as only a M.2 cache.
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  4. I've seen a bunch of benchmarking on Youtube and the concensus is:
    • optane is only good for your boot drive
    • optane has little or no effect if your boot disk is an SSD
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