Used Zotac gtx 1060 6gb mini vs used nvidia gtx 980

(Used parts )The 1060 mini is $325 and the 980 is $340, need for 144hz monitor with streaming in overwatch, the gtx 980 isn't worth the extra $15 ?
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  1. That is a tough one, but I'd go 1060 mini. It slightly edges out the 980 but needs less power, costs less, and might have warranty. Here is a video that compares the two, albeit not mini. But for the most part it is still within range.
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    They are pretty much the same in terms of performance, I would get the 1060 since its a newer, cooler running, more efficient card, and its cheaper. Are you in the US? If so $325 is very expensive for a 1060, I bought my msi gaming x 1060 6gb for $240. The latest bit coin mining craze has really messed up the gpu market, might be best to wait until prices level out or keep shopping around for a cheaper one.

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  3. The prices are Canadian currency sorry
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  4. Im coming from a 280x which is old but still runs the game well but just under playable for streaming
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  5. It looks like the 1060 6gb is selling for as low as $370 new (in Canada, eh), but if you are sure you have warranty then I'd get the 1060. Did seller provide date he purchased it?
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  6. There is no warranty but it's probably probably a better idea to get the 1060 cause its way newer then the 980
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  7. I have that Zotac card (got it for $202.00 a couple months ago before prices spiked) and it is very good. That and the 980 on on part with performance. It is a little cheaper from what you listed and is a newer design. Easy choice, the 1060.
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  8. Do you find the card loud ?
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  9. Eatshots said:
    Do you find the card loud ?

    Not at all.
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