Is my build compatible

Case - Rosewill Tryfing ATX Mid Tower Case
CPU - Intel Pentium G4560
GPU - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 2GB
RAM - 8 Gigabytes of Cruical Ballistix
Mobo - MSI B250M PRO-VDH (Updated from Gigabyte GA-H110M-A)
HDD - Seagate Pipeline 500 GB, 3.5"
PSU - EVGA 430 W1, 80+ White 430W

Also if any can list Frame rates for the following games with this build:
Garry's Mod
Killing Floor
PlayerUnknwn's Battleground
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    i suggest u get the 1050ti instead, extra 30$ for 10% more performance + extra 2GB VRAM will go a long way and very worth it.
    for mobo, H110 means u need BIOS Update for it to be compatible, if u don't want to do that, get a b250 / h270 / z270 mobo instead

    that build is solid for all the games u mentioned: u can get steady fps on high@768p / low-med@1080p
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  2. I'd also recommend going for a 1050 Ti. It will last much longer performance-wise.

    Also, about the BIOS Update constantine mentioned: Yes, your chosen mainboard needs at least version F20 for the BIOS to work with your CPU. There is a good chance that if you buy it new, it will have an up-to-date BIOS already, but if it hasn't, you'll need a Skylake CPU (iX-6XXX series) to update the BIOS first.
    Some vendors offer to do the BIOS update for you before sending it, I'd check for that.
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