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So I have a amd 7890k and a gtx 1060 6gb and it is really bottlenecking my gpu and I really need a bit of help to try and lessen or stop this. Thank you.
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  1. Heyo GavinDaRabbit

    Your only bet on making that CPU not bottleneck is to overclock it like crazy. All though you probably won't be able to actually overclock it enough, cause it would mean a enormous oc.
    Your best bet would to upgrade to maybe Ryzen 5 or an Kabylake i5.
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  2. How many ghz would I have to OC to get this to a smaller bottleneck and is there any good cooler that i could get to do this? And I'm also really not lol long to get a fully new mobo because I don't have a ton of spare money at the moment.
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  3. Well, I can't say how much you'd have to oc your CPU, but I can for sure tell you that it won't be easy to even get it remotely close to not bottleneck it.
    You'd have to get a pretty high end air cooler or 240mm AIO watercooler, but then again. Would you really spend that much money on a low end CPU? If you really want to go out and buy a beefier cooler, something like a Noctua nh-d15 or Corsair h100i would be a bet.
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  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm open to any others if anyone has any others but I will probably go into ocing because I don't exactly have the money to go and get a new mobo and CPU.
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  5. I'd avoid putting any money in that platform and start saving for an upgrade. Let's say you get drops to 30fps due to your cpu, a 10-15% OC will only raise that to 33-35fps at best, not worth buying new parts for.
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    While I would also recommend upgrading the platform before the cooling solution, I would like to note that OP should be able to use that new cooling solution on current/future platforms too, which means the investment isn't going to be completely wasted ;)
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  7. That is true
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