Keep my 6600k or buy an 7700k or an R5 1600

I own an 6600k an evo 212 ,Asus z170a 16gb ddr4 2666mhz ram and a Gtx 1080.I play with an ultrawide 3440x1440.A friend of mine has offered to buy my mb ram and cpu for 300$ so i could buy an rx 1600 amd mb and ram for 400$ +a cooler for oc or just my cpu for 180$ and i could add 150$ to buy an 7700k.What to you think does it worth it?I game and i little bit photoshop.
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  1. keep the 6600k, beauty CPU.
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  2. i think you're good with 6600k for now if it was first gen i5 , it was better if you upgrade it , if your expectations are reasonable then you're good for at least 2 years.
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  3. jumping to the 7700K gives you 4c/8t, plus 200-300 more MHz, which is starting to matter in newer gaming titles. (Upgrade your mb bios before the sale and new processor, so your mb will support KabyLake as a drop-in)

    (THe 1600 is a nice processor, but, frankly, it will not keep you with even your 6600K unless live-streaming comes into play...)
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  4. go to 7700k diable ht and run it over 5ghz ! ( it works tested on my 3rd 7700k, disabling ht give a 400mhz more whitout touching more the voltage and consenquentely producing a lot of less heat)
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  5. i have seen the 7700k on sale recently as low as $280 not including tax depending on where you live. but indeed you can get an r5 1600 rig for about $400. though i have seen the r7 1700 as low as $260. if you could wait for deals and spend about $170 over your $300, the same $170 +/- you would still spend on the 7700k, you could have 8c16t. 3.9ghz on ryzen is excellent and attainable and in a vast majority of situations it would be barely slower than a 7700k but in some situations it will completely demolish it. if it were me i would go ryzen 7.
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  6. Yea ...6600K still good.

    my suggestion if you want to upgrade go for Intel 9th Gen CPU (a long time from now)
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  7. I would argue for the AMD build, especially if you can get $300 for your current set-up. That's a lot of money toward a new platform that will be a foundation for the next 3-5 years. Depending on your overall budget, a 1700 might be a better option with the 8 cores. I opted for a 1600x so that I didn't need to OC and I love it. I did spend on G. Skill Flare-X RAM (2x8GB @3200) and an ASRock Taichi motherboard. You may be more than happy with a B350 board though.

    Either way, I think it's an excellent opportunity to move to an AMD R5 or R7 and give yourself multi-tasking potential that exceeds what Intel is going to offer for the same price. There are countless threads here that you can find a lot of useful information about this same discussion.
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    If gaming and photoshop are the priorities I'd stick with intel. Ryzen does have a significant advantage when streaming or video editing/encoding. This doesn't seem to be one of those situations. I certainly wouldn't sell mobo, ram and cpu for $300, they're offering $180 for the cpu alone. So they figure a a z series mobo and 16gb ddr4 ram are worth $120? That's nearly the cost of 16gb ddr4 alone if one had to replace/buy it (at least in the U.S.). The $180 offer for the cpu isn't too terrible, if looking to upgrade I would go with the 7700k.

    If you do heavy multitasking, actual multitasking like a video encoding in the background while a 3d image is rendering and playing a game all at the same time, ryzen would be a better choice. Some mistake having a lot of tabs open as multitasking, it's a lot of single tasking and instead relies on ram to keep so many open things readily available in memory. A lot of things have potential but unless you need them or plan to use them, potential doesn't make things go faster. Having a lot of threads/cores is kind of like having a dumptruck. A useful tool if you have metric tons of dirt to move. If you just have a few bags of groceries the advantage isn't there.
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  9. Thanks for your answers. I ended up that i will stick with the 6600k for now because the 170$ more for a 7700k don't make such a difference in gaming performance. It would be better if i invest this money in a graphics card (1080ti) later on.
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