MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon, LEDs lighting question

Hi i recently purchased this board, the problem i'm having is that upon changing the LED colours via MSI Gaming App, 2 lights always remain red , one by the GPU and one by the CPU
can anyone confirm if this is supposed to be this way? or if not, how to fix this problem?
any help much appreciated.
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  1. Are you sure they're part of the RGB portion and not some sort of warning lights that only change when something is wrong? Your motherboard manual will indicate exactly what these lights are, and you can also go into bios or command centre (msi utility) and it'll show you an image of a motherboard you can mouse over and interact with. Mouse over the area you think the light is at, and check what the lamp is for.
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  2. thanks, i'll look into that, let you know how i get on
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