Graphics Card driver- Switching from AMD to NVIDIA GT 1030

Hello everyone, I have an AMD A8 6600k and want to upgrade to a Gt 1030 so I can play PUBG.My integrated graphics plays LoL and CS:GO fine but cant run PUBG.

I used to have a R7 260x installed here but moved it to another computer, so right now I am just using the integrated graphics.

I have not uninstalled the 260x drivers and I am using Windows 7

So my question is do I need to uninstall the 260x drivers AND AMD Catalyst Control Center? Or can i just straight up install the GT 1030? Also which program is better for clean uninstall CC cleaner or DDU???

Thanks in advance
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    GT cards are NOT meant for gaming. They are made for mostly everyday use and/or work related. GTX cards are for gaming that's why a 1050 or better yet a 1050ti is recommended instead.

    To answer your question though... Use DDU.

    EDIT: I just checked and the GT 1030 is worse in benchmarks compared to your 260x
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