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So I have water cooling, large res doing the cpu, mobo, and gpu' in one loop. Now, can someone point me to a video on how to top-up the res. Having trouble sussing it out and can't find anything on the YouTubes. Thanks.
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  1. We have no idea what your setup is so how can we advise???
    Pix would be great.

    My res was a double 5.25" bay at the top of my tower, with a screw lid. All i had to do was slide it out and top it up, even with the system running.
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  2. Ek-d5 vario x-res 100 pump 782
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    Here is a video that explains almost everything, and should answer your question:

    Start watching at about 7:15 in this video for coolant. He goes through the entire build, it is all on camera, and you can start at the beginning if you want.
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  4. Cheers guys, think I have it. looks like I have to unscrew the pump/res to get to the top of the res fill hole. Another question, is there any chance that moving the res will pop my tubes out?
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