Can i upgrade my CPU on my Lenovo G50-45

Is it possible to upgrade my Processor speed on my Lenovo G50-45?
My current Processor speed is 1.80 GHZ.
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  1. No, you cannot. Well, you could possibly buy a whole new motherboard with a different embedded CPU, but that's really just a complicated, risky method of buying a new laptop.
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  2. No socket, the cpu is soldered to the mainboard. Upgrade not possible.
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    Having said that, what's the reason?

    If it feels sluggish, and has an HDD, then possibly you can swap that for an SSD.

    I can't tell though since there seems to be many different configuration options for that model.

    *You can tell if the CPU is the problem by opening Task Manager (right-click Start.. ). Performance-> CPU-> (right-click and change to show more than one graph if just once CPU graph).

    Any time the CPU is the bottleneck you should see at least one graph hit 100% usage usually.
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