Ryzen 5 1600, How to overclock to 3.6 (First Time) with stock cooler

Hello guys,

I researching at youtube and I couldn't find a good one for 3.6, most people go for 3.8/3.9 or more. So I would like to know, which Voltage it need for AB350 Gaming 3 mainboard and Which setting is it at BIOS. Do I need to enable/disable anything on BIOS too before Overclock it?

Well currently my WaterCooler bracket still didn't arrive/will be around for mostly 1 month for me to wait before overclock it to 3.8/3.9.

Right now my temp is Temp around those.

Is it possible to safe clock it to 3.6 without messed it up? This is my first time getting a AMD CPU + First TIME overlock it MYSELF T_T....

Would be nice if you guys could tell me how to do with the Ryzen Master tools too.


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  1. That CPU has an unlocked multiplier. You increase the clock speed by increasing the multiplier, not the voltage. Voltage increases are only needed for stability as your OC gets unstable.
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    You probably literally just need to set the multiplier to 37 in the bios and you'll be fine without a voltage increase on that CPU. Give that a shot without any other tweaks and run asus rog realbench stress test for 1hr and watch temps. If it passes all tests and temps never reach 80c you're fine.
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